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What is Tailbone Injury

The tailbone or coccyx, a triangular bony structure seen at the last segment of the vertebral column serves as a point of attachment for various muscles, tendons and ligaments. It consists of three to five small bones and is located at the bottom most part of the spine.

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What leads to Tailbone Injuries?

An injury to the tailbone or coccyx is really painful and may take more than 5 to 6 weeks to heal (depends on the extent of the injury). Some of the factors that leads to tailbone injuries are the following:
• Hitting the tailbone against a hard surface which happens usually when falling from the stairs or slipping while walking on smooth surfaces.
• Direct blow to the tailbone during a traumatic accident.
• Repetitive pressure or friction on the tailbone from automobile and sports related works like cycling, riding a bike, gymnastics etc.
• Osteoarthritis
• Fracture to tailbone during childbirth.
• Infection or tumour in the spinal area.
• Injuries to other parts of the spine.
Tailbone injuries are seen more common in women than in men as the tailbone is more exposed in women thereby increasing the risk of injury.

Signs & Symptoms of Tailbone Injury

The common signs and symptoms of tailbone injuries include:
• Excruciating pain or tenderness in the tailbone area which worsens while sitting for longer periods of time.
• Bruise or redness in the tailbone region if the injury was traumatic.
• Swelling in the tailbone or coccyx region.
• Severe pain while trying to sit or stand and during bowel movements.
• A lump or mass on your tailbone
• Weakness in the legs
• Numbness or tingling in the buttocks or legs.
These symptoms of tailbone may be severe in older adults (especially women), particularly those affected with osteoarthritis. So, if you see any of the above symptoms it is better to get diagnosed with a doctor immediately so that you can understand the severity of your injury and can get treatment accordingly.





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Treatments for Tailbone Injury

Severe and persistent pain can challenge your quality of life. Therefore, getting the right treatment for your physical condition is a must. The treatment for tailbone injury focuses on making you more comfortable while the injury heals. The treatment time extends from several weeks to months depending on the severity of the condition of each individual. Therapeutic exercises, physical therapy, manual therapy and ayurvedic treatments are some of the treatments recommended for tailbone injury. At times, surgery will be opted if your condition needs to get treated asap. Out of the treatments offered for tailbone injury, ayurvedic treatment is the best-known treatment for tailbone injury as it involves no side-effects.

Importance of Ayurvedic Treatment in Tailbone Injury

Taking the ayurvedic way of treatment for tailbone injuries is a holistic approach. Given the potential side-effects of conventional treatment, nowadays people look out for ancient healing system known as Ayurveda to treat their ailments. You can be assured that you won’t be left with any side-effects. The ayurvedic treatment of tailbone or coccyx injuries at Kodai Resort Hotel is carried out by Ayurveda professionals who have several years of experience in treating the same. The treatment modalities include intake of herbal medicaments, application of medicinal oils of different kind, massage and bandaging techniques.In Ayurveda, treatment is mainly based on the three doshas, Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. Any imbalance to any of these doshas result in any injury or other serious effect on the body. At Kodai Resort Hotel, we offer ayurvedic treatment for tailbone injuries that is carried out by experts in Ayurveda. We deal with the imbalance to these doshas in the most effective way possible and reduce the effects of injury. At Kodai Resort Hotel’s ayurvedic centre, we have experienced people to treat tailbone injuries which will ultimately help you feel comfortable and return to optimal function.